A typical acupuncture visit

Appointments last 30 minutes:

  • You and your pet get comfortable in the room. Dr. Mandi designed and build large benches for her exam rooms so that you and your dog can sit comfortably together during treatment.  Some dogs prefer the floor and that’s OK too! Some pets like our big mat on the floor and still others want the big blanket on the bench. Many times Dr. Mandi will treat small dogs and cats on your lap. We make notes of your pet’s preferences so their comfort zone is repeated on each visit.
  • Dr. Mandi will review your pet’s history. If it is your first visit, we will complete a full physical exam before treatment. If we are following up from previous treatments, we will discuss your pet’s response to treatment and if there are new issues to address.
  • Needles are placed. Acupuncture needles are much smaller than a needle used for injection. Many times pets don’t even notice their application. If there is a sensitive point, generally there is an initial pinch and then it dissipates. Dr. Mandi removes any needle that is uncomfortable (which doesn’t happen often).
  • You and your pet relax together for about 10 minutes. Your pet will not lay on needles in a dangerous way, they know to stay comfortable. Depending on your pet’s condition the needles may be treated with a warming herb, or we may apply electrical stimulation. Most pets relax very deeply with acupuncture, getting heavy eyelids, giving us big comfy sighs and even going to sleep.
  • Dr. Mandi removes the needles and discusses further treatment with you.  Additional therapeutic modalities can be added too like laser, physiotherapy and/or underwater treadmill therapy.