A typical acupuncture visit

Appointments last 30 minutes:

  • You and your pet get comfortable in the room. There is a large mat for big dogs, couch for little dogs. Many times Dr. Mandi will treat small dogs and cats on your lap.
  • Mandi will review your pet’s history. If it is your first visit, we will complete a full physical exam before treatment. If we are following up from previous treatments, we will discuss your pet’s response to treatment and if there are new issues to address
  • Needles are placed. Acupuncture needles are much smaller than a needle used for injection. Many times pets don’t even notice their application. If there is a sensitive point, generally there is an initial pinch and then it dissipates.   Dr. Mandi removes any needle that is uncomfortable (which doesn’t happen often).
  • You and your pet relax together for about 10 minutes. In general, Dr. Mandi will leave the room, as the patient relaxes more deeply. If you pet loses a needle, just set it aside. Your pet will not lay on needles in a dangerous way, they know to stay comfortable.
  • Mandi returns and removes the needles and discusses further treatment with you.

Please fill out these forms prior to your first appointment. They can be filled out on line and saved, then emailed. Or just print them and bring them to your first appointment.

Rehabilitation and conditioning:

New Client Form

Rehabilitation Consent Form

Rehabilitation Information Form


New Client Form

Acupuncture Consent Form

Acupuncture Visit
Acupuncture followup
Acupuncture Appointment