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  • ** All invoices, receipts, exercise recommendations, appointment reminders and other correspondence will be sent by via email, as this attempts to be an entirely green practice.
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  • *** Please bring your dog’s favorite treat broken into small bits with you.
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  • Client Rehabilitation

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  • Canceled Appointments Policy - RESPONSE REQUIRED

  • Significant time and resources are committed by Healing Arts Animal Care to prepare for my first visit for my pet. Records and x-rays are collected and extensively reviewed before you even come through our door. Therefore, there is a $100 deposit required for new clients. We will then use that $100 deposit toward the cost of your first visit. If the appointment is cancelled more than one week prior to the appointment then it will be refunded to your credit card. If there is a late cancellation or no-show the deposit will be forfeited.. Please note, this is simply a deposit toward the cost of the zoom call and initial appointment. If you choose not to attend the initial appointment, our time for preparation, consultation, and medical records will be billed at $150 per hour, generally much higher than the cost of the bundle. By initialing you agree to these charges.
  • Healing Arts Animal Care is committed to providing all of our patients with exceptional care. When patients cancel without giving enough notice, they prevent another patient from receiving care. We understand that sometimes emergencies happen. Please let us know at least 48 hours before if you won’t be able to keep your scheduled appointment. Call, text or email: (971) 703-3303 ( at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled appointment to notify us of any changes or cancellations. To cancel a Monday appointment, please call our office by noon on Thursday. If 48 hours notice is not given, you will be charged $75 for the missed appointment or a punch on your card. Thank you!!!
  • Annual Physical Exam

  • Patients who are treated at Healing Arts Animal Care for over one year will need to have an annual physical exam with us. We need to do this once a year for all of our patients to stay in compliance with state law. The exam can be done at a regular visit and the fee is $50. If you have any concerns about this, feel free to talk to us about it.

  • Healing Arts Animal Care happily will take cash, check, American Express, Discover, Visa and Mastercard for payments. Payment is always due at the time of service. There is no billing permitted for services. If payment is not received at the time of service there is a 10% per month billing fee, and non-payment is sent to collections at 90 days. There is a $30 returned check fee.
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