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We were at a real low point after our 10-year-old, beloved dog, Toby, became paralyzed and incontinent overnight last November due to a ruptured disc. Because he had no deep pain, the emergency neurologist said his chances of a good result from surgery were quite poor and that without it he would never walk again or control his bladder. Toby couldn’t move his rear half at all and had to wear diapers and have us express his urine for him to pee. We took him to a rehab vet who fitted him for a wheel chair and arranged for different techs to give him laser treatments twice a week. She was very capable but impersonal and often brusque, telling us almost nothing about what she was doing during monthly appointments as she manipulated Toby and dictated numbers to her assistant. When we asked questions, it almost seemed to annoy her and we never really felt we knew what was going on. It wasn’t until our first appointment to get more information from another neurologist that we actually learned and understood there was a kind of ‘walking’—spinal walking—and urination that a dog like Toby had perhaps a 20 percent chance of achieving. When we reported this back to our rehab vet, she said she’d already told us that and so had our vet and the emergency vet!

We sorely needed a rehab vet we could talk to and found that and so much more in the amazing Dr. Mandi. Warm, friendly, insightful, and totally welcoming, Dr. Mandi has made Toby’s rehab experience a place of comfort and of healing instead of uncertainty and stress. A born teacher, she welcomes questions and answers them comprehensively, providing plenty of detail and examples so that what she says makes sense. With an aging, paralyzed dog, you have a lot of other issues to deal with, ranging from skin irritations to possible urinary infections and strained muscles and joints in the front end, and Dr. Mandi helped expertly navigate us through all of that. As she’d exercise Toby in the treadmill and give him laser or acupuncture, she’d explain to us how he was progressing and recommend what to do about other matters that cropped up. She’d problem-solve if Toby wasn’t peeing enough or had a rash or seemed to be stiff in the front or unmotivated. She’d go outside with us and watch him walk and mark, then ultrasound his bladder to see if it was emptying enough. She made adjustments to his cart , ordered protective booties for his back feet, and gave us different exercises to further his progress at home. She communicated regularly with our vet and neurologist and reached out to a former professor to try to help us figure out what was going on with his urination.

Dr. Mandi also gave us all sorts of great ideas to make Toby’s care easier for us and him, such as yoga mats on the flood to help him across the hard wood and regular treats and rewards to pay him for his work. She wants to make things better both for you and your dog and treats your both in a cheerful, caring, and contagiously encouraging way. We went from feeling worried, confused and stressed out about our dog to much more relaxed and well informed, while Toby, a naturally upbeat being even in the midst of all these challenges, became even more playful and full of joy as his mobility grew.

A life-long hater of water, he now trots along in the surf at the beach in his cart and chases cats on our walks. He’s gone from just lying on his bed and needing repositioning from us to being able to move around on his own and traveling from one room to another or outside when he’s motivated enough. The neurologist says he’s carrying 90 percent of his weight in his cart and now has more than just spinal walking and reflexive urination: some actual nerve signals are getting through. She also says Dr. Mandi is her favorite rehab vet, and we couldn’t agree more. She’s a wonderful person and exceptionally skilled and dedicated health care provider. You couldn’t ask for anything more.

Jean Horn and Bob Weaver - SE Portland

Owners of Toby “Nothing Keeps Me Down” Horn

Dr Mandi and her staff did EXCELLENT work for our almost 14 year old black lab Otis. He was a fighter and a trooper through 3 major back surgeries, MRSA and vertigo. Never complaining and always coming back stronger and better because of the care that Dr. Mandi at Healing Arts Animal Care gave Otis.

We had to put Otis down recently but I know that taking him to Dr. Mandi the last 6 months, gave him a very good quality of life that he would have not had otherwise. They do excellent work, are fun to be around while the treatment is going on, genuinely care about the patient as well as the family. I also thought that the prices were very reasonable. I would highly recommend Dr. Mandi and her team at Healing Arts Animal Care.

Karen Oldfield - Beaverton, Oregon

Owner of Otis, super dog survivor of 3 back surgeries!

Dr Mandi saved us during a dark moment with our three legged one year old Hazel who suddenly was unable to use her only remaining back leg. We had been told that Hazel had spinal disease and that we should prepare for paralysis. So distraught, we brought Hazel to Dr Mandi, and from physical touch alone identified a knee problem, possible torn ligaments. Turned out this was the case and she had a fracture. Hazels needing future surgery and with anti inflammatory medication she walking and running on her own in preparation for surgery. If it wasn’t for Dr Mandis gifted touch, Hazel wouldn’t have had her needed treatment and my family would be living in daily sadness. Dr Mandi directed us to the proper specialist and we are lucky to have Dr Mandi care during Hazels rehabilitation. She’s a lifesaver in all senses!
Dr. Bernard Conway - NW Portland, Oregon

Owner of Sweet Hazel

My dog, Tucker, had a psoas injury. Dr Mandi immediately got his trust and was very gentle doing acupuncture on him. He was so calm in her care. He healed completely and now loves going on our hikes again. We both love Dr Mandi.
Katherine Black - Gresham, Oregon

Owner of Super Tucker!

Dear Dr. Mandi,

I just can’t thank you enough for making my therapy appointments so much fun and challenging. Every visit is challenging and helps me to get back to my athletic self. There are not enough words to express my gratitude, forever your friend and patient.

Dakota Strecker - Hillsboro, Oregon

Master Hunter

Dr Mandi is great. She has worked with my french bulldog Sam for the past months and he continues to improve each week. He had back surgery after several herniated disks, and the loss of his back legs. While he will probably not recover fully, he has made tremendous progress, much due to his work with Dr Mandi. I thank her for all she continues to do!
Sandra Drake - NW Portland, Oregon

Owner of Sam — Dr. Mandi’s favorite Snuggle Bug

Dr. Mandi is a delight — smart, funny, the dogs adore her. Wonderful, knowledgable care for our Samoyeds Moxie & Brio.
Amanda and Michael Berkeley - Ashland, Oregon

Owner of Moxie and Brio who turn heads where ever they go

Dr. Mandi knows her stuff – AND she has an incredible way with animals. My dog Annie had never made it through a vet visit without a muzzle and sedatives, but Dr. Mandi was able to convince her that neither was necessary. She also helped pull Annie through a back-end paralysis and get her walking (and then running) again. I would trust Dr. Mandi with *any* of my furry family.
Anna Mumaw - Olympia, Washington

Long time client (over 15 years!)

In all my years of dog ownership, I have never had a vet who was more kind, conscientious, creative, and knowledgeable than Dr. Mandi. We had a boxer who had serious health issues that no other vet in town could help. We were sent for a consult to Dr. Mandi and knew immediately that we were in good hands. Our boxer lived several years beyond what anyone said she would and Dr. Mandi was there until the very end, even coming to our home for the dreaded euthanasia. She is an incredible vet and amazing human being. I can recommend her highly enough! My only regret is that we moved to Eugene and she isn’t here to care for our new canine companion. Truly there isn’t anyone else better than Dr. Mandi!!!
Barbara Reed - Eugene, Oregon

Owner of Bella who’s beautiful mug graces the back of our brochure

Dr. Mandi was our acupuncture vet for many years. She helped our two miniature schnauzers, Sir Guy and Noble (Amazing) Grace live pain free lives. In their senior years, her treatment helped them to continue living comfortably even though they developed many health issues. Though they have both passed (13 and 14 years old), and we have new puppies, should either one of them develop a problem requiring acupuncture or physical therapy we would take them to her even though she is no longer in our area. I highly recommend her. She is loving, caring, knowledgeable and very thorough. She is also fun to be around. We miss not seeing her as often.
Arlyce Ten-Broeck - Grants Pass, Oregon

I cannot say enough positive about my experience with veterinarian Mandi aka Dr. Mandi, at Healing Arts. I took my dog there for rehab for a spinal injury. Mandi was phenomenal: she was empathetic, clear, kind, very skilled, easy to communicate with, great with my dog, enjoyable to be with, and helpful in every way. I appreciated that her charges are reasonable, and the great quantity and quality of care and consultation she gives per visit. When Mandi thought my dog had progressed about as far as he could in rehab, she told me. Mandi is a positive and also a real person. She did the exercises and treadmill with my dog herself, and let me get in the tank and work with my dog on my own and with her as well. Not only did my dog receive great care at a great value, I received great care as well. Don’t pass this rehab vet by for any other: this is the place to go for a positive experience in every way.
Jenny Julian - NE Portland, Oregon

Owner of Gilbert — survivor of dog attack, ruptured spine, a tumble down a ravine — he needs a superhero cape!

Mandi was instrumental in the rehabilitation of our 7 year old Bernese Mt. Dog, Jack, who had surgery on both of his ACL’s last Fall. He’s back to 100% and much of this is due to Mandi’s careful post-op guidance.
Ted Gidlow - NE Portland, Oregon

Dr. Mandi cares deeply about her patients and their families as she adeptly administers to each patient’s medical needs through traditional and alternative medicines. She compassionately administered her wise placement of acupuncture needles to enhance and increase the “lives” of my cat, sweet Charlotte, Elizabeth and my gentle devoted dog Knanook.

Currently, she “needles” my 29 year old dream horse Catalena, and my six year old cuddle cat, Midnight. Because of her ability to collaborate with other veterinarians, her willingness to search for answers and her well-honed veterinary skills, Dr. Mandi continues to add quality, healthier time to my animal’s lives.

Testimonial Dog Testimonial Horse

Tora Bengochea

Grants Pass

It took me 2 years and going through 3 vets in the area, I FINALLY found Dr. Mandi. I wanted a vet that understood I wanted to know all options for my dogs’ health care, that understood I was interested in preventative health care as well as crisis care, that understood I had an interest in nutrition as an adjunct to health care, that would answer all my questions and give advice; that understood when an issue arises I like the least invasive therapy/treatment first and I don’t like to overmedicate, that understood my dogs are more than companions, they are athletes competing in agility and hiking the woods, that understood my dogs’ well – being was of the utmost importance to me, that understood that when my dog had a life threatening issue, I was willing and eager to try therapies other than allopathic.

Dr. Mandi is all of that and more. If she doesn’t know an answer, she researches it and calls me. She keeps up on current research and lets me know about therapies and treatments that might improve the quality of life of my dogs. And most of all, she is friendly, approachable and interacts with my dogs.

Dr. Mandi has been there for Mollie, Charlie, Starr, Presley, Elvis and Vincent for routine care, preventative care and hospice care; always with attentiveness and compassion. And she’s been there for me to answer my innumerable questions, reads articles I send her and offers her opinion to me and she’s been there for me when my dogs have crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I never want to lose her as my dogs primary health care provider.

Canine Conditioning Canine Rehabilitation Athletic Conditioning

Michelle Reehl

Grants Pass

For months our 13 year old yellow Labrador Churchill was experiencing pain and lack of mobility in his shoulder and hips due to old injuries and advanced age. After using medication with limited results, we decided to try acupuncture. With regular treatments we noticed a dramatic improvement in his mobility and comfort, and his quality of life improved significantly. Acupuncture was of great benefit to our dog and improved our time together.
Bob and Cynthia Huff

Grants Pass

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Healing Arts Animal Care in Beaverton, Oregon provides veterinary acupuncture, pet rehabilitation therapy, physical therapy and athletic conditioning to the dogs and cats of the Portland Metro Area including Hillsboro, Lake Oswego, and Tualatin. We strive to create a team among you, your pet, your veterinarian and ourselves to create a whole package of care for your pet. Pets come through our door knowing that we’re going to have fun here and this isn’t “another trip to the vet.” Through manual therapies, acupuncture, laser, ultrasound, underwater treadmill and creating a tailored individual home exercises, we strive to bring your injured pet back to speed, keep your elderly pet as an active member of the family, return your obese pet back to a functional friend and keep your athletic pet at the peak of his performance.

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