Cats & Acupuncture

People often think that their cat would never stand for acupuncture — and sometimes they are right. In my experience, cats either take to acupuncture or they don’t. The first treatment gives us an idea how they will do, but the second visit is key. Cats who do well, relax very quickly and even sleep during a treatment. Cats who don’t tend to get increasingly nervous, potentially negating the good we are trying to do. If a cat is not comfortable by the third treatment, I usually suggest that acupuncture is not the proper modality for the cat.

Dr. Mandi cares deeply about her patients and their families as she adeptly administers to each patient’s medical needs through traditional and alternative medicines. She compassionately administered her wise placement of acupuncture needles to enhance and increase the “lives” of my cat, sweet Charlotte, Elizabeth and my gentle devoted dog Knanook.

Currently, she “needles” my 29 year old dream horse Catalena, and my six year old cuddle cat, Midnight. Because of her ability to collaborate with other veterinarians, her willingness to search for answers and her well-honed veterinary skills, Dr. Mandi continues to add quality, healthier time to my animal’s lives.

Tora BengocheaGrants Pass