Treatments Available

Physioball/Balance disc

Balance work on the physioball and balance disc help with core strength, ligament movement, joint stability and pinpoint awareness of where limbs are in space. You only have to imagine standing on these yourself to realize what a work out it really is!

Cavaletti poles

Proprioception is the awareness of where your feet are as you walk. Cavaletti poles work this on many levels from lifting your foot up again after a surgery or not scraping your toes in an arthritic old dog.

Joint mobilization

Joints are little pumps of nutrition. If they are not being used to their fullest (as in injury or arthritis), the joint cannot nourish itself properly and cannot clear out inflammation. Joint mobilization helps expand the reach of the joint and nourish it too!

Mat work

What seems like simple obedience work is excellent for a dog gaining strength or learning to balance after a neurological injury.

Electrical Stimulation/TENS

Helping muscles relax and tense appropriately is essential to maintaining muscle in a limb recovering from injury or surgery. E-stim can help even when the animal is non-weight bearing.


Your pet’s muscles and tendons are all made of fibers that have to line up like toothpicks in the box in order to have full function and flexibility.   When the fibers are not lined up you have scar tissue, tightness and poor blood flow.


Muscles and joints that cannot stretch are muscles and joints that limit mobility. Stretching is an essential part of healing, conditioning and weight loss.


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