Reasons for Rehabilitation & Physical Therapy

Rehabilitation is movement and strengthening of joints and muscles for the purpose of better structural support.

Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy

After surgery:
In people, if you have joint surgery, the physical therapist is by your side shortly after you wake up to start working your muscles and joints. Yet in veterinary medicine, it is “status quo” to have forced rest so that the pet doesn’t “overdo it.” Just like us, when pets have an injury they return to function better and faster when the joints and muscles are gently returned to function.

Arthritis and degenerative conditions:
Animals that maintain healthy lean muscle mass and smooth flexibility have decreased pain and better quality of life long term.

Just like in humans, if we eat right, we still may not lose weight. How many times to we hear “diet AND exercise.” I can help you design a diet and an exercise regime that not only helps your pet lose weight, but also increase lean muscle mass so they are protected from injury, burn calories faster and have more energy to do the things dogs are supposed to do.

Obese cats:
Obese cats are quite misunderstood because we tend to think of cats as lazy. Weight loss for kitties is all about short bursts of lean muscle work. Along with diet, I can help you get your kitty to exercise in the way that kitties should.

Just like human athletes, canine athletes perform better when they are cross trained. Conditioning with rehabilitation equipment tightens the core and targets muscles for their sport to help prevent injuries common to the sport.