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As a general practitioner the concern is always – if I send a client out the door, is my referring doctor going to send them back? The answer at my practice is ALWAYS yes. I have been a general practitioner for 15 years, and am thrilled to be specializing in my passion and surrender general medicine to my most important client – YOU!

When your client sees me, I am an extension of your practice, just as if I were standing in your own exam room. For each visit you will receive my entire SOAP, the full instructions of what was recommended to the owner and a copy of how to do any of the exercises they have been prescribed. Any follow-up recommendations or procedures are be highlighted in my records, so it is easy for your staff follow up with the owner. If your practice features acupuncture and you have an acupuncturist in-house, I will send that client back to you for that service if needed.

Veterinarians are my best clients! You make or break my business, so it is paramount that the relationship is mutually beneficial. I love to educate clients so even those side-bar questions about medications, checking a new lump, or behavior will be noted for your follow up. I am zealous about making sure that you, as the patient’s primary care practitioner, have reports of everything that I have done and why, in a timely manner, after each visit. For acupuncture cases, I try to explain the purpose of the points that I have chosen so that this too becomes a functional document for you and not just a bunch of “acupuncture speak” in your medical record.

Thank you for your support and please contact me by phone or email with any questions.


Rehabilitation is movement and strengthening of joints and muscles for the purpose of better structural support. There are several modalities including physioball/balance discs, cavaletti poles, joint mobilization, mat work, electrical stimulation/TENS, massage, stretching, ultrasound, laser therapy, and underwater treadmill therapy.

Physical Therapy

Just as human athletes need endurance and strength related to their sport, so do dogs. Conditioning your athlete improves performance, turns, timing, endurance and prevents injuries.

Athletic Conditioning

Therapy for conditioning is entirely dependent upon the dog’s age and competition level. We will work out a regular program for home and for in-clinic work to continue long term for optimal conditioning.


Acupuncture is a medical art developed over 2,000 years ago. The acupuncturist places needles at specific sites on the body called acupuncture points, and may also incorporate hands-on techniques to facilitate the healing process.

Our Mission

Our commitment to our clients and their pets starts with the promise of excellence, knowing that pet health and well-being begins and ends with the human-animal bond. It is our job to be the voice of the pet and its body, and our charge is to communicate its needs to its people.

  • We are passionate about providing the highest level of professional and ethical service
  • We will pursue quality, best practice and individualized treatment design
  • We are devoted to serving with compassion and empathy
  • We are open to exploring all modalities, whether allopathic or complementary to achieve optimal health for the pet
  • We will commit ourselves to continuing education, specialization, and mastery
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