CBD For Dogs


CBD is all the rage, how do I know what is safe for my dog?


Why we choose ElleVet over other products:


  • Ellevet has done FDA level trials with the veterinary schools at Cornell University and University of Florida. In order to do FDA level trials, every bottle has to be exactly the same.
  • The 3rd party test every batch to make sure the levels of all CBDs and terpenes are the same.
  • It is the only product that has done a pharmacokinetic study (showing what happens to the product in the body) so are the only product to have accurate dosing for dogs and cats.
  • ElleVet is much more concentrated allowing for smaller doses. Many products are 250mg/30ml bottle. ElleVet is 1050/30ml bottle.
  • Their treats are pressure treated, not heated. Most baked cannabinoid treats have no measurable CBD remaining after cooking.
  • Their product has a money back guarantee when purchased from a veterinary clinic. If you don’t see a difference in mobility in 2 weeks, you can return it to our clinic.


More Info
ElleVet Mobility oils come with a syringe or a dropper for precise dosing. Oils are recommended for dogs under 6 lbs and are most economical for very large breed dogs. For joint discomfort, stress, itching and cognitive issues.
More Info
ElleVet Mobility soft chews are highly effective for joint discomfort, stress, itching and cognitive issues. ElleVet chews are made with a proprietary blend of hemp and organic ingredients. The chews are peanut butter flavored with great palatability. They contain Glucosamine and Chondroitin for added joint support.

How to choose a CBD product:

The toughest thing about anything cannabis/CBD related right now what is actually in the bottle!  Even tougher is laws are unclear about how veterinarians can suggest its use,  but you can go see the guy at the store or kennel who learned facts from the pot rep and he is allowed to tell you how to medicate your dog. In addition, every hemp plant is different in its DNA because of how it is grown and what it has been grafted with, so 2 strains of plant will produce 2 very different CBD oils. THEN we have to talk about the source of the oil that holds the CBD and how the plant is treated to get to oil — many products contain NO discernible CBD when manufacturing is complete.  Many products in the biscuit form likely falls into the “no discernible” category as anything heated over 140 degrees will cook out all the CBD.


Isn’t CBD marajuana?  Isn’t that toxic to dogs?

Hemp products, by law,  are <0.3% THC at HARVEST.  Depending on the drying process, THC can build in the product over time so post-production evaluation is essential.  Remember that THC (the “get high” part of the plant”)can be toxic to dogs if not dosed properly.


What is a COA from a CBD company?

So choosing from something on line or in a store, you want to ask for the COA (certificate of analysis) for the batch’s you are considering buying.  This means they have sent their product off to an independent lab to be tested.  If they won’t provide this information, or it is not from an independent lab, it is not recommended.  The amount of CBD should match the label, and there should be no herbicides or fungicides detectible.  They should also be testing the terpine profile and it should be consistent from batch to batch.  Many products list “other cannabinoids” or “proprietary cannabinoids” on their labels.  These are the same as a complete unknown and make for difficult dosing.  In today’s CBD world, a pet product that does not give transparency in ingredients, should not be trusted for use.


CBD research is essential!

Good products are proud of their research.  Not just general research but research on THEIR product both for safety and efficacy.  If the company is not investing in research, their claims of safety and efficacy are entirely unfounded.


How is CBD dosed for dogs?

Look at dosages!  Many products are sold for pets in 250mg/ml in a 30 ml bottle.  This is a tiny amount of CBD.  The suggested starting dose (from research) is 1mg/kg 1-2 times daily for arthritis.    YET the label often says 1 drop per 10 pounds —  one TENTH of the needed dose.  A 100 pound dog at proper dosages will use up a bottle in 2-4 days!  

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