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Methods of Electostimulation Helpful For Pets

By Mandi Blackwelder, DVM CCRP, Beaverton, Oregon What is electrostimulation for pets? Electrostimulation is using an electrical impulse to a nerve within a muscle to help decrease pain, increase muscle strength, or both. Hang on a minute…..I’m picturing Frankenstein stuff….. When delivered appropriately and with proper training, electrostimulation should be ONLY a positive experience, particularly […]

Athletic Conditioning for Dogs in Portland, Oregon

Improve Your Sport, Protect Your Dog By Mandi Blackwelder, DVM CCRP For canine athletes, whether agility, fly ball, disc dog, earth dog, dock diving, sled dog racing or any other canine sport, rehabilitation techniques and equipment can improve your dog’s longevity and performance in its sport. Plus, it gives you new ways to train your […]

Therapeutic Ultrasound in Animal Physical Therapy

by Dr. Mandi Blackwelder Isn’t ultrasound a way to look inside the body? How is it therapeutic? It’s both. Ultrasound, by definition, is a oscillating sound wave that is above the range the we can hear. For diagnosis (i.e. looking inside the body) – the machine is measuring what comes back to it after that […]